“Shut Up, Pose” Exhibition

“Shut Up, Pose”
“Introvert trapped in an Extrovert situation”

Solo Exhibition on Friday the 13th, 2014,
hosted by the Pop Up Art Gallery Berlin.

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“Shut Up, Pose” 
An Introvert trapped in an Extrovert situation.

(Winston Torr Solo Exhibition
and debut into Performance Art)

Winston Torr is well loved artist at Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin since showing his work here for the the first time in September 2013.

On Friday the 13th, June 2014, Winston transformed the space and we welcomed you to discover his world and vision. An evolution through his practice introducing new mediums.

Participation in Winston’s debut performance include drawing visitors live on newspaper (his signature look). Walls filled at the end of the night to exploit his life as an introvert trapped in an extrovert situation.

Statement by DanYell Elyse:
“This week’s show features a solo exhibition from the fabulous Winston Torr whose style is unique and immediately recognizable. Anyone who has been to the gallery several times has met Winston, so this week Pop-Up features not only his work but also a glimpse into his world.Winston originally hails from Los Angeles California where he attended California poly technique state university and received a degree in fine arts. Following university Winston knew he wanted to move to Europe, while traveling he visited Berlin and loved it as it felt “a bit like New York City, but not as fast or as expensive”.Winston’s permanent move to Berlin finally happened in 2010. The development of his style of painting began as a meditative action, he would glue newspapers together in a collage and rub sections of it till his fingers bled in order to great the multi layered collages Winston is known for. With his collages Winston is able to reorganize the ways in which we perceive news and see the world. His inspiration for his newspaper collages really began following 9/11, at the time Winston was traveling in Germany and was unable to leave, during that time there was so much happening in the news that his work helped him to gain a bit of control over what was happening in the world. A look into Winston’s world.”