photo by Carlota Ibañez de Aldecoa Silvestre
I live and work in Berlin, in the North-East of Germany. I work with figures, from which I draw my motivation. The blend of shadow contours and highlights, the impromptu experience of observing the energy around me and the figures reveal my work.

I am also inspired by my memories of a childhood spent studying faces and body language, the visual psychological impact and comfort of that still follows with me.

I love experimenting in harmonizing color, contrast, and texture which flow in my work. I savor moments where I discover new materials and work on multiple series simultaneously to keep my brain in active mode.

To me all people are different – the structure of the face, body shape, hair and eye color. They may be similar, but not identical – it is excellent. It is a mistake to believe that I paint the human body, in fact I start out by drawing a face, and then I remove the personality, replacing it with the soul through my eyes, which can not escape the paintings.

I like to work in different positions, whether on an easel, on hand, or throwing paint on the floor onto the canvas, inside, outside, quiet, loud, alone, a group, under an umbrella, etc. therefore having the upmost possibility to find inspiration even in the tiniest surprising movements such as wind twirling a tiny dried up leaf suspended by a single delicate spider’s thread attached to a grand lively full bush.

I was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in a Sino-American family in Los Angeles. I trained at the Art Sector of Cal Poly Pomona in California, and have artwork in both corporate and private collections of Europe, UK, Asia, and the United States.

My most recent collaborations are with VOGUE Ukraine, with photographer Arcin Sagdic, stylist Olga Yanul, and Model Ola Rudnicka.

-Winston Torr, December 2015