Winston-Torr, Art, Kunst, Berlin, Los-Angeles, Collage
Nationality: Canadian / American
Born in Toronto, Canada
Raised in Los Angeles, California
Descent: Mongolian, Chinese, Korean, Dutch
Current Residency: Berlin, GermanyEducation
1994-2000: California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, California
Bachelors in Fine Arts and Graphic Design.Charity Benefit Art Auction Exhibitions
2015: SOTHERBY’s Vienna, benefitting “das Hospiz Rennweg”, Vienna, Austria
2012: Glaad Art Auction, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, New York
2012: Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA
2008: Ebay Berlin House benefitting “Ein Herz für Kinder”, Berlin, GermanySolo Exhibitions
2014: “Intaglio”, 55 limited Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014: “Shut Up, Pose”, Pop Up Gallery Berlin, Germany
2013: “Societal Crucifixion”, Trace Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2010: “Transporter”, Mercedes Benz Gallery, Ravensburg, Germany
2009: “Examination”, Dr. Metka Ordination, Vienna, Austria, hosted by: Archduke Mag. Markus Habsburg-Lothringen
2009: ‘Zitat”, il Boccone, Constance, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2016: “Skin”, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015: Fata Morgana Galerie / Chased Magazine, Berlin, Germany
2015: “Around the World in 30 Days”, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015: “Nude”, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014: “Birth of the Cool”, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2014: “Captured Nature”, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2013: “Pop up goes USA”, Pop up Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2013: “6 x 6”, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, New York
2013: “Vertigo”, Trace Contemporary / Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany
2013: “Macht Kunst”, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany
2012: “Berlin Renaissance”, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2012: “Sublime”, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012: “Pre-Grand Opening”, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2011: “Drawing Connections”, Siena Art Institute, Founded by Paul Getty III, Siena, Italy
2007: “Nudes”, The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, California, USA

Awards and Residencies
2014: 55 Limited Residency, Full Funding Intaglio Studio Placement, Berlin, Germany
2012: Residency, Full Funding Studio Placement, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
1994: Special Congressional Recognition, San Gabriel, California

2015: VOGUE Ukraine, with photographer Arcin Sagdic, stylist Olga Yanul, Model Ola Rudnicka