Performance Title: “Shut Up, POSE”
Examination of Human Society Filth in our Culture
Wasteland, created by humans.
at Pop Up Gallery Berlin, Germany
Friday the 13th, 2014

From the beginning of time came perfection in the world, until the human race came along intending to improve the living instead to destroy mother nature. In my performance “Shut Up, POSE” I make an Examination of Human Society Filth in our Culture. “Shut Up, POSE” raises human consciousness and conditioning through newspapers perfectly placed in the beginning of the performance, then destroyed at the end, by humans as they walk out the door not even double thinking about what they did. My world that I have created resembles the world we all live in, our society. Plainly simple, noticing the mess the humans make, they look back, keep their mouths closed, and stare straight forward without regret. They Shut Up, and Pose, as I hand sketch them onto our most widely social media unforeseen in every day life, mostly used once and then discarded, and display their reflection as they look into their own, on the wall, with the many others who participated. My hopes are that at the end these humans would realize that it not only takes one person, but a bunch, to spread the word to make the planet a better place to live in. Awareness is priceless.


Photos by Artists in Berlin.