Under Construction / NFTs

hey Beautiful People!

my website got hacked, so i deleted everything! starting from 0 but no time to redesign.

For the mean while, here is my Illustration Art Brand website at Notsniw
I’m usually referred to as Winston Torr aka Notsniw.

Also I want to share that since March 2021 I have been really active in the NFT Community. Creating NFTs have really inspired my Creative Bursts.

I am currently working on multiple NFT projects and have constant ideas for new ones. Just got to slow down a bit because I still like to finish up on the collections first. lol

Here is a current list of my NFT Collections on Opensea, in order of most activity:
Most are under my Illustration Brand Notsniw, and some are under Winston Torr.

These are under Winston Torr.
Mohawk Picasso

These are under Notsniw.
Strip ZOO
Blockchain Vendetta
Decentral Station
Tattoos NFTs
Skeleton Avatars
Superhero Butts
Naughty Lightsabers

I keep creating regardless of the situation. Regardless if the NFTs sell or not. Through up ups and downs, highs and lows. Thick and thin. You get the drift!

I am learning alot about how NFT works. When I first started I had no clue what I was doing, and now I am getting the hang of it. Still so much to learn, such as how to connect a project with my own metaverse.

The best part is discovering talented artists, making connections, and seeing their progress. It is so satisfying! Sharing tips and keeping in touch. NFTs has really broke me free from my Introvert in another way.

About 50% of my earnings I put it back into the blockchain and support other artist. So I can call myself a NFT collector now. hahaha

Keep in touch with me on Twitter.